Two Weeks

It’s been two weeks since I flew to the other side of the world to begin my London experience!

Experience; I like that word. It means to undergo, taste, feel, try, see.

Undergo my own journey of independence and finding myself.

Taste the cool British air.

Feel like a stranger in a foreign place.

Try to break routines, feel uncomfortable and challenge myself.

See the world as it is by being on the opposite side.


My immediate impression of my new home was slightly frightening. I was put into my new room; large but blank. Just white walls. I knew no one, and I didn’t know where I was! I started to walk- I just walked around Roehampton. It helped to familiarize myself with my new surroundings and try and embrace this new place I would have to call home.

The first few days I really missed Sydney but I tried not to think about it. Seeing pictures of sunny Sydney, the beautiful beaches you find nowhere else and my smiling friends really didn’t help, unfortunately.

I was okay, sort of still in shock but I was excited! I knew I had brought myself here, this was my adventure, and it would only be what I would make it.

With not much holding me back, I tried to make friends with as many people as I could. I definitely did not come here to be comfortable or box myself in: the exact reason I left Sydney.

The first few days really helped. We were shown around the Uni campus, put into groups and ran around London town seeing all the landmark sights. I felt more at home, more comfortable. The sight of the hustle in London town was thrilling!


Saturday night felt so surreal.It was one of those moments you can’t photograph, you could never describe to someone, but only you yourself know and remember.

I’ll remember the Winter Festival at Hyde Park for a long time. I definitely hope I can visit it again in some point of my life.

It. was. a. dream. come. true.




London is such a beautiful place. Sometimes you just have to see the beauty in the little things. Or just wander and see what you find.

I’m glad that I’ve seen all the main tourist attractions, because now, I can just ponder and find all the little secret spots that make this place what it is!

Tuesday morning took my breath away.

I unexpectedly stumbled upon the most beautiful park, Richmond park, after an aimless stroll around Roehampton.

Endless fields, forests, deer, fox, a lake filled with geese and ducks, birds of all kinds.

Exactly like I had imagined European parks: like they were described in poems.

It’s incredible the force that nature can have on you!

Last Thursday night we visited China Town. It was great to just ponder through the busy streets and watch people go about their Thursday night. So many restaurants and places to see, I know we will definitely be visiting there again.

photo 1

I finally feel settled in. Not necessarily comfortable, but content. Home is a great place, but being here really awakens you. There seem to be surprises around every corner!

photo 2(1)

Speak again soon. For now I sit in my warm heated room, wearing a knit jumper with ugg boots and green tea, candles light up sitting on top of my books and the occasional snow sprinkling from the sky.

Europe. is. beautiful.

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