money, money, money

I didn’t realize how frustrating money could be. You can work so hard for it, and it’s gone like that!

But then again, I don’t regret spending it as everything I have purchased has made this trip what it is- and I have loved it so far!

London can be an expensive city. I guess you don’t really realize until all the bank statements are there in your face with the conversions. Who knew Primark would take so much of my money?!

I guess for the next three months I will have to take it more cruisy. My three month alcohol and clothing fast will surely save me some decent money. And it will help me enjoy the real reason why I came here- to travel and really see the world! Not spend money on materialistic or one night things.

I honestly cannot believe how fast time is passing, I don’t even have time to write much on here! March is going to be busy with trips including Dublin and Wales, as well as finishing Uni and Assessments. April will be busy with friends and family. And May- I don’t really know what May will look like yet. Maybe a job? Maybe travel? Who knows.

And June- Summer… this will be fun!

Looking forward to more of what’s ahead!

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