Where’s Your Head At?

Be In the Moment

This week has no doubt been one of the most influential in shaping my everyday perspective. Which has been hard to wrap my head around but I absolutely love because it is a key reason I came here.
Ive definitely learnt a lot and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

This week has showed me how much we depend on technology and how absorbed we are in staying connected with everyone, everywhere all the time.

I think my way of thinking has changed this week from not really being here in the moment, to entirely absorbing myself in exactly what is happening in the culture and context I’m currently in. I haven’t been able to escape into another world or divert my attention to my phone (after losing it) with all my friends and memories and contact with what is happening back home.

It was confronting because all those times of insecurity or boredom or loneliness, I see people reach for their phones or internet and get onto something familiar, someone home. But Ive kind of just been stuck.

Although, I have so much more time it’s amazing! And I now have time for the things that really matter. Instead of killing time on Instagram or Facebook or Whatsapp etc etc, I have time to listen to the music I love that makes me feel myself and get my feet back on the ground, I have time to write meaningful messages to those that matter most and really take in what they are saying instead of a quick 10 second reply in that break of conversation. I’m not constantly taking photos of everything around me, but instead really taking it in and appreciating it. No photo could ever capture the sight, but I’m harnessing my memories power.

And I have time to think and be me. I’m not constantly trying to post the latest, coolest updates.

I’m so much more relaxed and carefree. I see things more clearly and am starting to think like I used to, Not in terms of whats my next update or post.

More time to use the tools for what they are for. Internet for research. Facebook for meaningful contact. And my blog for my reflections and carefully chosen photographic updates. It’s all I need!
Funny how things work out.

So where’s your head at? Sometimes its worth your while to put away technology and just have that time and space to be in the place you’re in. That person doesn’t need a reply straight away. And the art of conversation is truly a beautiful thing. And trust me you wont be left out. If anything they are the ones left out, cause you are truly the one here, in it, amidst life, not on some technological getaway trying to create your world and your identity through post and photo updates.

It’s the best thing. Would you ever dare to leave it?

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