“Mum, I’m Not At War.”

Being away from home can be a crazy time. A crazy time for your parents that is.

The other day my friend from my flat and I were joking about some of the funny things our parents have done whilst we have been away on the other side of the world- the late night texts (WHERE R U?!), the silence followed by concerned Skype calls and emails at all hours of the day (and night!)

We love our parents and we love their concern for us! But it always gets us laughing when you don’t hear anything from home for days then all of a sudden they’ll shoot you an email asking if you are still alive, or one weekend they won’t ask any questions and the next it’s all about the where are you going? text me when you’re home! who are you with?

You can NEVER predict their next text or email… it’s always so sporadic and unjustified.

Oh how we love you parents! But please, all we ask for is some consistency… just a little- we promise we’ll keep you updated!


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