The Dreamers Society

Lately I have realized humanity’s lack of drive and ambition in life. All the time I hear friends and just the everyday people I come across wishing and wanting this dream of theirs.


Whether it be a new job, to travel and see the world, to be happy without the drama attached with relationships, to have self confidence and feel like the prettiest girl in the world, to own this or that, to be him or her.. I think they are all wonderful dreams and just the sound of them gets me excited for these people!

But it always, ALWAYS follows with the depressing after speech- “but I can’t afford it” “there’s just no way” “maybe one day” Well maybe that one day might never come, or maybe its TODAY.

All the great things I have experienced and had in my life have come to me not because of LUCK, but because I went out there and despite the odds worked for them! That doesnt necessarily and literally mean work as in get a job to earn enough money ra ra ra because money isnt always the answer. It definitely helps but its only abot 10% of the answer. The other 90% comes from your motivation and drive.

I have friends who want to travel. GO TRAVEL. You can’t say money or commitments are an issue (yes sometimes there definitely are inevitable reasons you cannot and sometimes you must wait) but if you really want it, you will find a way! And soon! I was bored of an easy life so I did something about it. I studied hard, saved some money, worked a bit in between things, took some time to apply and hand in some papers and it was the best thing I ever did. Now I have been on the best 5 month journey of my life doing things I never thought I would, visiting tens of countries, and at the end of the day I’m just a 19 year old teenager who likes to have fun and do new things. Nothing that special right?

I had job commitments, family commitments, relationship commitments, I missed out on a lot of things back at my comfortable and lovely HOME but that’s life. Things come and go. Even though friends didn’t really think I would, some of my family didn’t really want me to, it was me who wanted it more then what anyone could say to try stop me.

And that goes for a lot of things. I just wish that everyone could see the potential in their life because Ive seen how great and marvelous of an adventure it can be and the only thing holding you back is YOU. #HarshTruth

Get out there and do what you always wanted to do! You’ll have the time of your life.

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