A testiment to my happiness!

Ahhh I cannot explain the deep sense of satisfaction and contentedness with life I am feeling right now. I feel so accomplished, and so proud of my choices and how far I have come.

I just want to encourage you to keep dreaming, keep preserving and keep doing YOU. Important thing to remember: don’t try force your way through life. Things will happen, Things won’t, Just go with it, but always keep trying! Not pushing- there’s a difference.

This hit me when I found out I was on the wrong train 30 minutes out from London, but what of it? I embraced the adventure, watched the sunset and reflected on life and my happy state. This moment also reinforced my love for sunrises and sunsets (you’ll have to wait for the Amsterdam Sunset blog for the spiel on this one). Anyways just annoucing my new blog name…. GOLDEN HOUR GIRL. Because I couldn’t think of anything better then watching the sun go down over the mountains and the sea, with a friend beside me, a lemonade in my hand and my dreams floating on the horizon yay!

3 thoughts on “A testiment to my happiness!

  1. post really inspired me and I shared it on my Facebook in hope of inspiring others as well. Keep up the great work! PS: Not too sure why this posted in two comments…sorry!

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