Inspirations from Holland

My time in Amsterdam was an interesting one. I saw a world where 3 in 5 people own a bike and where you cannot pass a street without passing a canal without passing a bike. Literally there are bikes EVERYWHERE. Carparks? Yeah they don’t  exist. But bikeparks do! There are designated carparks for bikes! Bikes rule the streets- fullstop! Even cars try to be them- they become downsized little vehicles which fit into the little bike lines, it’s just hilarious! We rented a bike and I swear I almost died a couple of times. I never thought riding would be such a skill!


Nevertheless (Netherthelands?) Amsterdam was a lot of fun. I learnt a lot. Firstly- the weather is worse here then in England. Yep! I said it. It makes sense if you think about all the canals (there’s 88 of them in Amsterdam alone!) and the precipitation- the curse of the Lowlands!


Secondly, I will never complain about lack of space EVER again. In Sydney there are 20 people per square kilometre of living space. In London- 100. In Amster? 500! They live in the tiniest rooms / houses. You’d be lucky if you could fully spread your arms out. You climb ladders, not staircases, to get in. It’s a wacky funky place with lego houses, but I loved it! (even though today is the first day of summer in Holland and I’m still wearing pants and a warm coat..)

Whilst on my trip I had a lovely lunch date with my brother and his new friend Alea. She spoke of many adventures around the world including India and England and Greece- my kind of a girl! Above all I loved her simple yet sincere passion for encouraging and being happy for her friends. The last words she spoke to us before we returned our bikes were- Don’t forget your vision. She directed it to my brother as they had just been to a environmental business sustainability conference.

It made me think- Have I forgotten my vision? Then I paused… what is my vision?

A day later as my brother dropped me off to the train station his last words were- Work on your blog. I said I am. I will. He said no, don’t just work in it, but work ON it- on the bigger vision for it- what the blog stands for. I paused again- what does it stand for?

What is my vision and what am I working on? My 6 month journey away from home and ordinary life is 5/6 of the way over and I’ve freaked for a bit. I came here to make change and figure out my life, my ambitions, my passions and visions and really start on something B.I.G.

But is it bad that I still don’t 100% know where this is going? No doubt I have so much more inspiration and drive and skills and world knowledge and independence. I’ve seen much more then I ever could of imagined, experienced things I haven’t even dreamed about. I have some ideas but do we ever really know where life is taking us?

I’m definitely that girl that loves to plan- plan life plan everything! But one quote that changed my life was “Life is the part that happens in between plans.” And that’s it!

I don’t know where I’ll end up or where these inner ambitions and dreams will go but they will go somewhere- just like how life goes on and takes you with it. And I’ve never been more open to an adventure.

I hope you can keep dreaming and learning in life and discovering everyday- maybe at the end of the day that’s my vision for myself, and for you!


One thought on “Inspirations from Holland

  1. Haha I totally agree with you on the bike-part tho’ I swear I found Copenhagen to be crazier when it came to ‘love-for-bikes’. Nice philosophical twist to the post – all the best in pursuing your vision 🙂

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