A Bittersweet Countdown

In 11 hours I will be leaving my flat in London. In 13 hours I will be reunited with my boyfriend of whom we had a 5 month long distance relationship. In 36 hours we will be flying out of England and I’m not too sure when I’ll be back. In 27 days I will return home to Sydney, Australia.

It feels so strange looking around my empty room. Just a week ago i could hear the laughter of my friends in the hall outside my door. There were photos covering my walls. Various peoples bags, clothes, drinks in my room that they had left behind. I had so much but now all that is left is a small silver suitcase packed with the bare essentials and a couple of sentimental things. Everything else- cleared out and given to charity. It’s amazing how much random stuff you can accumulate over five months.

I’m still so in disbelief that on the first day of this year I packed 10kg of luggage and flew out solo to the furthest place from home- London. Knowing no one and not knowing what I was getting myself into. But this turned into the most amazing adventure, and no doubt it was because of the people.

I could not have been more blessed. I am knackered and need to regain my energy for more adventures with my boyfriend when he lands tomorrow. Super excited!! Off to San Sebastian Friday yay!

One thought on “A Bittersweet Countdown

  1. Love reading your blog and looking at the pictures of all the wonderful places you go. Wish I was young enough again to do all that – enjoy and make the most of it x

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