A series of unfortunate events (fortunately)

My June adventure is a week in and what a week it has been. From almost missing buses and flights, to speedy breakfasts to pouring rain to luggage dramas to smashed computer screens to twelve hour journeys to Italy to… You get the jist of it. 
But all I can say is everything somehow works out for the better. Like right now I’m standing on the stairs to the port in Riomaggierio: a little village on the north west coast of Italy with the sun shining on my bronzed skin on a pure blue sky. Boats speed across the fresh sea watered horizon and waves gently tumble over the stacked limestone rocks where sunbathers lay begging for the suns attention. 
A major lesson I learnt this year throughout all my travels across Europe was the difference between travelling and a holiday. A holiday tends to be one destination and consists of a nice hotel, probably a killer pool and breakfast buffets. But travelling is one destination to the next, a crumpled up wardrobe of mismatched clothes stuffed into a suitcase, terrible hotel choices but incredible memorable adventures to the kinds of places you didn’t even know existed. 
Experiencing this month of which we are trying to join travelling with a holiday is turning out to be quite the adventure. Monday in particular. It took us thirteen hours to get from San Sebastián to Cinque Terre (the most incredible place) and consisted of five luggage bags, two flights, a missed bus, one taxi ride, four trains, unhelpful Italians and clouds everywhere to cheer up the mood. And finally once we arrived at our dream destination we couldn’t find our hotel reservation slip let alone recall the hotel name in a town with very very limited wifi. But eventually, the final leg of the mammoth journey, pulling five bags through steep cobble stoned streets led us to our hotel amidst the most northern village of the Cinque Terre region: Monterosso. 
But we finally got our holiday when the sun came out the following day and we were able to feast on spaghetti and pizza, walk the coastal trek revealing some beautiful views of the colourful sea side villages and lay on the beach until the sun set over the mountains. Looking back on all the mishaps over the past week I can’t help but laugh. As for the moment I could not be more relaxed or satisfied with this hidden gem which is my home for the next few days. As for the next three weeks, I’m ready to tackle anymore obstacles if it means I get more experiences like this. Unfortunate events fortunately bring better things you couldn’t even imagine! Image

5 thoughts on “A series of unfortunate events (fortunately)

  1. Love your blog! I’m studying in Spain this summer and thinking of heading to the Cinque Terre to travel. Would a weekend be long enough to do it right?

    1. Hey there! Oh great you will love it. I would say at least 3 full days. If you arrive Friday morning and left Sunday night or Monday you could do it. There are some nice treks you can do within 5 hours, spend some time on the beach, and get a boat to the other vilages. Ill pop some notes up about more info on cinque soon 🙂 enjoy x

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