How to always travel well

A lot of travellers complain.

Complain about being ripped off. About a hotel which doesn’t look like it did on the website. About bad food. About dirty, old conditions in city centres. About… well I think the statement “this isn’t what I expected” sums it up pretty well.

A quote which changed how I travelled and my perspective on new countries and towns was “Travel with different eyes. Not to different places.” This is so accurate for those who stick to familiar routes and those who embark on unknown journeys. Travelling isn’t 100% about where you are, but rather how you see it. I’ve visited a variety of places and countries, some close to home, some the furthest away, but I’ve learnt to see and appreciate the beauty of every place. Whether it be the street I walk down everyday back home from the train station or Hawaii’s famous Waikiki beach-  it’s how I see it not what I see that makes the difference.

This came to me when I was driving through Crete on Greece on the weekend- the largest Island of Greece. A lot of people complained about the lack of development of the town, the tourism traps on the Main Street, the dirty alleys and the old buildings. But I couldn’t help but see past all that. To my eyes, all I could see were the incredible sunsets over the white Lego house buildings every night. The contrast of the sandy blue beaches with the Rocky Mountains in the horizon. And the long open roads patched by bushes of pink and white flowers. It was a foreign land with foreign sites I never got at home.

And that’s the beauty of travelling. Something different. It might not be superficially picturesque, but aren’t the best gems the ones that sometimes only you can see?


2 thoughts on “How to always travel well

  1. Would just like to say how I enjoy following this little space of yours here. I have wondered and dreamed at all the glorious places you have visited which has captured my heart <3. I understand you are heading off back to Australia now? I hope you will continue with the blog – would love to see and hear all about Australia (somewhere I have never been) but would like to learn more about it. Also your day to day life away from the travelling, including your great fashion sense and how you manage to stay so effortlessly beautiful! 🙂 (i.e. your hair always looks amazing) kind regards Sam x

    1. Thank you so much Alex! That is just so sweet of you! You have really encouraged me in writing more about both home and my travels. It makes such a difference hearing this kind of stuff and it makes me happy hearing about how it impacts you. Love it! Cant wait to share more xx

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