Love it or Leave it

I’ve had so much on my mind in the past few days and I’ve been home now for a month since being away for 6. And it’s been such an emotional roller coaster! Anyone who comes home after a decent amount of time away will understand the various emotions you go through- two predominantly. Conflicting though. One- an extreme excitement and uplifting feeling of coming back ‘home’, to a place of familiarity and contentment and security, being reunited with those you love and whom are dearest to you most. And the other- a resistance. Not wanting to go back to those routines and all those things you left for better because now you have changed and some things don’t fit like they used to.

I love being home and I’ve had such an amazing time being back so far. I can look back on a lot of things and appreciate them for what they were. But its definitely not easy trying to slip back into work and study and university routines. Going back into them feels like going back into the past and its not the best feeling when you feel like you’ve moved on yet you’re being held back.

I’ve spoken to a lot of people back here in Sydney and a lot of my close friends have been going through some difficult times in their lives- things that have thrown them completely off course. Some have had to pause some commitments and focus their energies on other things. But it’s made them realize what really matters in life and sometimes we need these moments to stop and look back on everything going on in our everyday lives.

It’s made me question why we do the things we do. I see so many people tie themselves down to jobs because its the “sensible” thing to do, or for the money. Yet they are so uninspired and unmotivated. I see people studying and studying for something they have very little passion for. And all I can see is them getting into the job and their attitude being exactly the same.

Why are we so afraid to not have goals? Why are we so afraid to venture off that sensible path and do something that really ignites our souls? Why do we jeopardize our passions and our real desires to live for something that seems like a safe idea?

A year and a half ago I wrote an article about entrepreneurship and it asked the question- are you really happy with the direction of your life right now? Whether it be relationships or a job? Love it or leave it.

As the common expression says; jump off that sinking ship. Take a chance in life. I don’t want to waste another day with another safe option. Frankly I’ve seen two different ways of living my life and there is nothing at all appealing to me with the safer option. So what if I do a job that isn’t exactly lined up with my degree or gives me the most money? If it makes me happy, isn’t that what matters at the end of your day?

I guess it comes down to how you measure your success. Success or happiness? For so long I thought they were in line, the same thing. But not always. I hope I can inspire you guys to just do you– do what makes you happy. Don’t take the safer option, don’t just do things because everyone else is doing it or it seems like the right most accepted option. This is your life and you only live once. Life is just too darn precious to waste another moment!


(PS.. I’ve been reading the book Goal Free Living: How to have the life you want now by Stephen Shapiro. Very very inspirational and has changed my way of thinking on career and life decisions)

One thought on “Love it or Leave it

  1. I travelled for a year, went home for a couple of months and then cleared off again. Definitely fall into the category of putting up resistance to the things we’re ‘supposed to do’ – it is hard though, I get the whole being comfortable thing. It’s a tough one. Do you think you’ll be staying in Sydney?

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