Change Your World- It’s Your Attitude Not Your Circumstances

All I want to do is write, write, write right now! I have been so encouraged today by some of my followers sending me the sweetest most inspiring emails. I treasure every comment, every word because we are all human and as the quote says “we all cry, smile, laugh, hurt..”

I have never thought that life was just a collection of mere coincidences. Everything in my life has worked out so perfectly in the strangest ways that I’ve been able to look back on life and be so utterly amazed that some of the sadness moments I could be thankful for. That the hardest times were for the better.

Life is a hard journey and can be full of some mundane and repetitive moments. And that goes for everyone- life is tiring! I’ve heard it all from parents, to the kids I take care of at the childcare centre, to my bestest of friends, to the most successful bloggers- life is life for all of us! We all experience the same moments. But I’ve learnt it’s our attitude that changes how we live and what we do with our lives.

I’m all for living an adventurous life. I’ve seen how precious life can be. I’ve had friends pass away at a young age. I’ve heard of the most awful illnesses which dramatically change peoples lives. Experiencing these things really changes how you live your life everyday. It’s your character that matters at the end of the day- not what you have.

I cannot encourage you enough to live a life of integrity, patience and love. Those have been the best days of my life. Life is just so different when you aren’t trying to force your way through life- aren’t trying to compete in this rat race where people run themselves ragged to gain.. what.. a job promotion? I’ve always taken on the approach of a free spirit, trusting in my faith, and I’ve never had to worry about a thing. Life just falls into place- in ways I couldn’t have even dreamed of!

And I think its so important for people to share their journeys- their little secrets to living a truely satisfying life. I didn’t really know if it would reep its own rewards but it did. But some encouragement goes a long way. Being told that it is good to work hard in high school and not smoke and drink and party all the time. Being told that you should love your friends no matter what, hang out with the rejected, randomly pay for things for people, be an honest and caring friend, not strive for popularity, and just be yourself and do things out of love- you will never live a sad, empty moment again.

It all pays off! Don’t follow what the world says is right. It has no idea. Just do you. Embrace your own beauty. Love yourself. Love your world. Love your family. Discover your true passions. Just do what makes you happy! Life will bring you rewards- I promise!

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