At Dusk

Arden_Adriana-102 - Copy

Last Sunday I had the privilege of doing a sunrise shoot with two very talented people- my boyfriend Arden and his good friend and photographer Chris Prestidge. From the moment Arden showed me Chris’ photos I was hooked. The way Chris is able to capture sincere and emotive moments combined with the incredible effect of light creating a refreshing and mesmerizing image is truly something every photographer strives for– and Chris has mastered it!

I highly recommend you visit his website here at AtDusk or follow him on Instagram @atdusk for a daily feed of some sensational photographs. In the meantime enjoy these beautiful shots from Australia’s iconic Palm Beach; located on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. This series features a collection of my 3 favourite things: love, the sea and fashion. Enjoy- and once again thanks Chris!

Arden_Adriana-95 - CopyArden_Adriana-91 - CopyArden_Adriana-58 - CopyArden_Adriana-79 - CopyArden_Adriana-75 - CopyArden_Adriana-17 - CopyArden_Adriana-40 - CopyArden_Adriana-33 - Copy

Arden_Adriana-43 - CopyArden_Adriana-60 - CopyArden_Adriana-53 - CopyArden_Adriana-20 - CopyArden_Adriana-85 - CopyArden_Adriana-87 - Copy

Arden_Adriana-93 - CopyArden_Adriana-74 - CopyArden_Adriana-73 - Copy
Arden_Adriana-70 - CopyArden_Adriana-52 - CopyArden_Adriana-100Arden_Adriana-97
Enjoy your weekend!

Zara: Leather Pants
Marc Jacobs: Watch
Mango: Rings and sunglasses
Novo: Shoes
Rubi: Hat
Vintage top from Glebe Markets

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