3 Months On.. But It Feels Like A Lifetime!

Iphone until 4.7.13 735

No doubt the strangest feeling is looking back on a memory or past experience and trying to figure out how exactly it fit into your life. Did it ever really happen? How can something so unbelievably amazing and life changing have been a part of your life?

Yep- so that’s where my head is currently at. I started scrambling through the 1000’s of unorganised yet excitingly wonderful photos from my travels at the start of this year. And strangely enough exactly 3 months ago I hopped back on a plane in Athens and headed back home to Sydney.

Looking back on all the photos and memories my spirits have been lifted! I’ve only been back for 3 months but it feels like it’s been at least a year. Time flies amidst working and studying. My collection of photos has reminded me of the crazily beautiful world out there and I remembered that I was once that little adventurer climbing the Caldera Cliffs of Santorini, the charismatic alleys of San Sebastian and the mountainous ranges of Cinque Terre.

Of course life slows down for certain moments but I just know there’s so much more to see of the world! Not only have I caught the travel bug big time but I left my heart in so many places in Europe- surely I’ll have to go back and try find them…

Here are some random bits and pieces of where my head is at right now…

Iphone until 4.7.13 1257

Iphone until 4.7.13 1334

Iphone until 4.7.13 1316

Iphone until 4.7.13 1304

Iphone until 4.7.13 1317

Iphone until 4.7.13 1449

Iphone until 4.7.13 1136

Iphone until 4.7.13 919

Iphone until 4.7.13 945

Iphone until 4.7.13 951

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