Road Trip Essentials

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

I recently embarked on a 3 day road trip for the long weekend. We travelled 3 hours north of Sydney to the wonderful Australian coastline visiting sea side locations including Seal Rocks, Birri Birri and Forster. The water here was beautiful! A light light blue like the blue you only get at a tropical island. (Check out my Instagram for some snaps @GoldenHourGirl)

Unfortunately I forgot to pack a few things which were actually essentials. These things don’t really tend to cross your mind when you are packing to go away. Usually you just think about the typical items- clothes, shoes, toiletries, charges etc. But when it comes to a road trip- it’s totally different.

I’m talking real adventure. I have compiled a list for the adventurous type who embark on these wonderful road trips. This list will ensure you maximise your time away and will help you save time and money!

(Based on what I would usually consider as part of a road trip- i.e. Quick yet filling breakfast, all day out in the sun, sports, water, climbing, limited technology, maximum outdoor activity)

1- Cereals

2- Long life milk

3- Tea bags

4- Porridge Oats

5- Honey

6- Tomato Sauce and Oil

7- Matches and a candle

8- Lantern

9- Blanket

10- Rope

11- Snorkel kit

12- Towels and sunscreen

13- Flip flops and walking shoes

14- Beach umbrella and esky

15- Tissues

16- Underwater camera

17- Bikes

18- Surfboard

19- Inflatables

20- Deck of cards

21- Soccer ball

22- Fishing rods

Have I missed anything?

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