6 Ways To Reach Your Dreams (when no one else is dreaming with you)

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I have all these dreams and aspirations. But I don’t know what to do with myself or where to start. I read through magazines and books and photography and am constantly inspired. I hear of people’s exciting and adventurous lives- their successes. How they turned their dreams into reality. I’m inspired and driven and always searching for bigger and better things…

Sound familiar?

You wake up excited for the adventures of the day to come. You dream BIG but not always practical. You hold great visions but aren’t exactly sure of how to get there. You have an amazing vision for your life and Pinterest soon becomes your best friend with its inspirational imagery and quotes. You can’t understand people who settle for the ordinary and limit themselves in life because it’s easier and safer.

You are daring and have the energy and motivation to stand out from the crowd and do what you are really passionate about. You don’t need the support of others to tell you what you are doing is right because you already know it is. You’re young yet sometimes you feel a lot older then your friends. Your mind is in ten places at once. You are exciting, educated, visual, passionate, energised and you DREAM.

I guess if you’ve read up to here then you are like me- a dreamer! But it can be hard when the people around you don’t have the same big vision for their lives. I’ve learnt that it’s attitude not circumstances that makes a successful person. Here are my 6 tips on keeping your dreams alive and above all- your heart and head inspired and moving closer towards making your life dreams come true.

1. Keep inspired and motivated. Create a dream board, read a lot, talk to people, seek mentors- if you cannot keep yourself motivated your dreams will die out.

2. Write down and plan your goals. A recent study at Harvard showed that only 3% of MBA students had clear, written down goals. That 3% on average were earning 10 times more than the 97% without written down goals! (Book by Mark McCormack- What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard) We need goals to feel productive and motivated- and to help us feel like we are moving in the right direction.

3. Start something.. Anything. Any step is better then remaining stagnant. Even if it’s a step in the wrong direction, you’ll learn what your true passions are and will be inspired to move to a better place.

4. Realise the world is in your reach. It’s not impossible to get in contact with the big people or businesses. After all we are all human and tend to have an email, an address or a mobile number. Just do some research! Email that company you are interested in working with. Call up that person you want to be your mentor. People are often willing to help and will recognise your passion.

5. Don’t Stop. For me, the day I stop dreaming and being passionate about the things in my life is the day I die. Maybe not physically but dead in terms of the person I am and really living.

6. Embrace change. Accept it and seek it. Try new things. Change things in your life (e.g. your room set up, job, friends..) Dreamers always seek something new and mind provoking. Change can be the very thing that takes you from nowhere to everywhere.

So what are your dreams?

Golden Hour Girl: I want to motivate and inspire people. To do what is good, passionate and true to themselves. I want people to realise that now is their moment and you are never too young to do BIG things. I want to help spread wisdom and help people live fulfilling and satisfying lives. I want people to know that money is not everything, but a means. Jobs are great but there is nothing like family and friends. I want people to realise life is what you make it and you should live everyday excited and filled. I want to open minds and eyes to the beauty of the world and the life lessons I have come across. 


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