Why I Like My Life Busy

A lot of people like to take it slow. They enjoy having activities and events spread out and be able to lounge and relax. But for me, I struggle to be able to relax when I actually have free time. Going from being busy to having free hours in the day- you start to worry and think should I be doing something?

I’ve compiled a list for reasons I like my life busy.

1. You get more things done! Funnily enough the less time you have, the more you actually accomplish because you don’t procrastinate.

2. You don’t take things for granted- You realise how nice it is to be able to have a slow breakfast or sleep in that extra bit longer when you are busy throughout the day. You tend to grow an appreciation for all the little things in life from coffee dates to being able to pamper yourself.

3. You cut out the junk from your life– More time for real friends and real passions. You no longer have time for just anyone or anything.

4. You are motivated and driven to get started with your day.

5. Better time management- I know that I can plan and organise things better when I actually know what is going to happen throughout the day.

6. You feel better- Personally I can start to feel a bit down if i’m just lounging around at home all day and not accomplishing much. A busy life gives me adrenaline!

7. You keep persevering and dreaming- I think that above all when you have a busy life you realise that you are actually capable of so much more then you would have thought!

So how about you? Do you like your life slow or fast paced?

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