Changing Lanes in Traffic

The other day I was driving to work. There were 3 lanes. I was on the furthest left lane but noticed the middle lane was moving faster so I eventually swerved over. I kept changing lanes trying to get in the faster lane and even though I thought this would help me get to the destination quicker, by the end I realized if I had just stayed in the same lane I would of got to my destination either at the same time with less effort or even faster!

I started to think- this is true for many things in life. We are always looking for the fastest route. The quickest route in our career paths, in finding the right relationships, in everyday choices… We try get there quicker, try reach the goal faster. We constantly change our ideas trying to get in the fast lane instead of just going with the flow trusting it will get us there. We try jump, skip, make things move quicker, but don’t realize that all this commotion isn’t always beneficial.

Whatever happened to staying at a company for 5-10 years. Nowadays everyone seems to have a new job within 3 years! And a new degree, a new partner, a new something.. We just can’t seem to be content with the path we are on and as the saying says “the grass is always greener on the other side”.

As it’s Monday, the start of the week, I encourage you to slow down and reflect on where you are heading. Don’t burn out trying to find shortcuts or a quicker way through. Work diligently and use your energy wisely- it will almost always get you to your destination the quickest and with the most energy.

Life paths...VIP! very important problem!! What is the best choice to make?@m_osnaghi

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