Why Many New Years Resolutions Fail

Every year a lot of people get with a group of friends or their partner and address their resolutions. Resolutions for the New Year- what they hope to change, dreams they wish to achieve and goals they want to kick before the year ends.

We all see the New Year as the perfect occasion to dream and bring some change into our lives. But so often little or none of these resolutions actually get entirely completed or fulfilled by the end of the year. But why do we fail to achieve what we are so intent and passionate about changing?

I definitely think that dreaming and setting goals is the first step to achieving them, but that’s that. It’s the first step. What follows is above all the most important. We need steps to get us there. We need a plan of action. Not only is this to help us achieve the goal but it is also to keep us motivated! People often don’t realize that they are on the track to achieving their resolutions but they get discouraged because they haven’t achieved it yet.

But that is what makes the difference between someone who kicks goals and someone who let’s them go by. Its about persevering when you haven’t yet seen the change you want to achieve. It is about changing the little things in our routine to make a big difference in the end.

So what are your New Years Resolutions? But more importantly HOW are you going to achieve them?

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