Embrace The Moment: 2013 Highlights

So it’s almost the end of the year with New Years celebrations just around the corner! And what a year it has been! I want to wrap up this year with a post reflecting on the journey I have been on that many of you have joined along the way.

On the first day of this year I hopped on a plane London bound for an exchange program. It was a scary move as I am originally from Sydney and knew no one. But I did know that it was something that I had always dreamed of. And what an adventure it was! 6 months in Europe, travelling and exploring 12 countries including Paris on Valentines Day, Ireland on St Patricks Day, Eastern Europe, the UK and travelling the last month with my love Arden who not only surprised me in London over Easter but came over again to travel hidden spots around Italy, Spain and Greece.

Being able to handle a long distance relationship was a big achievement for us both. Another achievement was winning a trip to Barcelona after entering a blogging competition with Mango Fashion. What an experience it was enjoying Spain with fashionistas and creatives Sincerely Jules, Gary Pepper Girl, Amlul, Zanita and AfterDRK.

I returned home and worked with brands including Kachel and Jets swimwear. I also started a new job working as PR and Marketing Co-ordinator for a beauty brand and completed my second year of university.

And to top off the year I got engaged to the love of my life a week ago! I could not be happier with the past year and I look forward to what 2014 has to bring.

I can’t wait to share with you all the exciting adventures of 2014. Above all I want to encourage you to simply embrace the moment. Life is full of highs and lows and at times we don’t know where life is taking us. But that is the beauty of adventure- just go with it! Let life take you and believe for great moments!

Love xx



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