Getting Back To Work After The Holidays

So you have just had a superb holiday- the one you had been counting down to for weeks. You laughed a lot, ate and drank many delicious treats, caught up with some sunshine and more importantly caught up with life and the people in it.

But for many the holidays are either over or coming to an end- and it may be a daunting thing to face. Here are some ways to help make that transition from relaxing retreat to routine a smooth and somewhat enjoyable one:

  1. Always carry a smile– Even if you don’t feel like it, it will almost certainly raise your spirits.
  2. Work hard play hard– Look at things in perspective- be happy you were able to enjoy a holiday. Keep working hard and play harder next holiday time!
  3. Countdown for your next holiday or reward- Having another holiday to look forward to makes the days go by
  4. Or… Book a holiday! There really is nothing like having something to countdown to and dream about.
  5. Brighten up your workspace– Celebrate the great times you have had and keep your holiday spirit alive by bringing in some holiday photos for your workspace or some new stationary and colours.
  6. Set goals for work– Now that you are back, make sure you keep yourself motivated and inspired for the year ahead and what you want to achieve.
  7. Spoil yourself at lunch– If it really hasn’t been your day, take some time out and go enjoy a nice lunch with a friend or a cool, refreshing smoothie- yum!

There are always ways around the Holiday blues. Above all keep yourself inspired and think positive! 2014 is just kicking off- dream bigger. Where do you want to be at the end of this year?

End of holiday

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