Becoming One

As many of you may know at the end of 2013 I got engaged! My fiance and I have both been overwhelmed with the love and support of all those around us. Because of my young age I was a bit worried about what others may think when the time came but I just cannot believe how positive and excited people are for us. I guess they realize once you know, you know.

Starting to think about it all I realized there is obviously a lot of hype about the wedding- and what a wonderful and beautiful occasion it will be! Two people standing in front of all those that make up their world, promising themselves to each other. I really cannot wait. But what I am truly excited for, and what many forget, is what comes after- life together. Two become one.

I am so so so excited to begin doing life with my love. Doing all the little things together- life things. Living together, cooking together, grocery shopping and cleaning. Living life everyday with my soul mate and having that one person to look back on life with at the end and say wow what an adventure!

I cannot think of a better thing than to be entering this blessed season with my love, my best friend and my soul mate. It’s amazing to reflect on life seeing how everything happened for a reason and brought us together to be the people we are. And it is so surreal how you can be with someone and just feel so peaceful with them and not an inch of doubt crosses your mind- I think that is how you know. I remember when people would ask me- do you think he is the one? And straight away I would say yes. They’d ask how do I know? It’s because it was something I didn’t even have to think about- I just knew. I knew from the start.

I can’t wait to share my journey with my best friend. And if you have found the one too- then to be able to say yes yes I get you! And if you haven’t yet- to encourage you to let life play out and join its wonderful journey.



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