Dreamers Like Me

I love finding like-minded people. People with the same passion, ideas and heart as me. Those who live for a satisfying and passionate life. I don’t often stumble across blogs that so deeply resonate with me but this blog really caught my attention.

It’s called Infinite Satori and as Stephanie, the blogger, states “I’m a nomadic photographer, writer/blogger, wanderer, adventurer, and dreamer. I have this insatiable passion for life, all its wonders that exists within and without, everything seen and unseen.”

She is currently embarking on a project called The Wanderers. Stephanie will travel Asia solo and create a photo documentary project to construct an inspiring travel & adventure photo book. As she writes “Anyone who has detached from the common path to do the very thing they were born to do: explore, live nomadically, and follow their bliss. I will immerse myself into their lives, connect with them, photograph them, capture the essence of their beings, the essence of their lives. I will capture the human experience.”

Check out her blog here: http://infinitesatori.org/

Some lines she wrote that caught my attention..

“Through traveling, we discover who we’re meant to be, what we’re meant to do, travel has created revelations and epiphanies that changed the world from Che Guevara traveling in a motorbike all over South America to Charles Darwin in the Galapagos Islands. Imagine if people all over the world choose to leave their unfulfilling lives to do what makes them happy.”

“We all know that traveling opens ourselves up to the world, it humbles us and opens our hearts to let in and let out more love and compassion for others.”

Love it! xx


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