The Big Island


Aloha! I am currently in Hawaii for a two week trip and what a beautiful and unique place it is! We have started out on the Big Island and will be heading off to Maui tomorrow followed by Honolulu, Oahu. I visited Oahu 3 years ago but this is my first time on the Big Island and three words I would use to describe it are: big, big and BIG. It’s just big in everything! A big volcano (the whole island is a volcano!), the biggest mountain (10km in total height, 6km undersea), big diversity of animals (I’ve seen everything from turtles to zebras to meerkat look-alike creatures to goats to whales), big landscapes (you feel like you’re on Mars!) and overall a big impact- it’s so unique and marvellous! (11 out of the worlds 13 climate zones can be seen just on this one island!)

I look forward to sharing more in depth details and photos of my trip once I’m back home in Sydney but as for now enjoy these quick snaps!

PS: I found it funny how on the Hawaiian surf report today they claimed their 15 ft swell was small (that’s like 4.5m waves)?! I guess in comparison to their mammoth 30-40 foot swells on the North Shore of Oahu it is… we’ll have to see.

PPS: This is Hawaii in winter.. Impressive right?








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