Hawaiian Playground


Hawaii is an island for all. If you are interested in surfing- it is for you. Hiking, shopping, road trips, photography, bike riding, restaurant hopping, art… Any water sport, land sport, air sport, leisure activity and all the other things you could possibly think of expecting from a holiday – Hawaii can offer.

Our two week trip consisted of the three islands Maui, Oahu and the Big Island. In short:

Maui: Think luxury, as tropical as it gets, most beautiful beaches you can think of, whale season, rainforests, long drives

Oahu: Paddleboarding, big surf, locals on the north, turtles, small local towns, food trucks, tourists vs locals, sunsets

Big Island: Volcanoes, plains, fields, cliffs, snow, mountains, animals, reefs

I highly recommend visiting Haleiwa if you’re on the North Shore of Oahu. It is an old locals town but here you will get to live like the Hawaiians really do. Their mornings consist of an early session on the beach followed by heading into town for a fresh bowl of fruit and yoghurt, then all day hanging out on the coast, surfing, lunch in the water with friends and riding their bikes whilst watching the sunset. Perfect!

Another must see is Hanauma Bay on Oahu. Just trust me- this place is snorkelling at its finest. The Road to Hana is another attraction worth visiting if you’re up for hundreds of waterfalls and waterholes to chose from, a long drive through a windy rainforest and the most impressive scenes of tropical greenery. This road is on the north of Maui and is also close to JAWS– i.e. one of the biggest surf spots in the world! (footage from YouTube on the day after we visited)

Just writing about all my Hawaiian memories is getting me pumped to go back again! It really is a place that once you go to you will keep wanting to go back to.

Enjoy some of my photographs from the spectacular islands!

IMG_5761The well-known Hilton lagoon at Honolulu

IMG_5774J u m p  i n


IMG_5854W a n d e r

IMG_5875China Man’s Head out there

IMG_5936Where nature rules

IMG_5953C A L M

IMG_6140Laid back

IMG_6161Hawaiian G O L D E N  H O U R

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.21.41 AMA spot I didn’t get to see- The Sandbar at Oahu. Photo from Aquabumps

photo_road_to_hana_aerialAerial shot of the Road to Hana taken off the internet

HanaumaBayThe beautiful Hanauma Bay. Photo credit

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