How To Become A Morning Person

I’ve never really been a morning person, until I had to learn to become one due to work and university commitments. And the fact that if you want to get things done usually the mornings are the time to do it (or get started). I started to realise the beauty and benefits of the morning after I read an article which stated “Studies show we’re better in the morning – fresher, quicker, smarter.” Interesting point!

4 cafe

There is something nice about being able to wake up and not feel like you should of already started something. It’s nice to be able to wake up in the quiet and take your time to plan out your day and think about what needs to be done. Things are clearer in the morning and you are not panicking as much or feeling a sense of urgency. Here are my tips to help you get up in the morning!

1. Give yourself plenty of time to wake up – my favourite feeling is being able to hit the snooze button and not feel guilty that I need to get up! 20 minutes of snoozing helps me get going.

2. Prepare the night before – It’s nice knowing your outfit is ready and steamed, your bag is packed, your books or diary are prepared and breakfast or lunch is in the fridge. Helps you relax in the morning.

3. Have something exciting to get to e.g. new music in the car, favourite book, breakfast spot, someone to see. It’ll give you a rush!

4. Allow yourself 10 minutes to appreciate something beautiful on the way e.g. sunrise, pretty water view, forest. Even if it’s a couple minutes, it’s nice to have the time to reflect and observe nature unfold in the morning.

5. If it’s really not your morning – opt for coffee or a fruity smoothie! A sugary or caffeine hit is sure to get you going!

I’ll finish with this and some lovely photos I scouted online to inspire you to use your mornings!

“And while night owls snooze, morning people are enjoying first dibs. There’s the early morning quiet time and the opportunity it provides for reflection, plus uninterrupted time for planning, goal setting and research.”

Love x

1 ocean

2 coffee

3 cafe

8 muffin

5 beach

7 drive


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