Why Everyone Needs Nice Pyjamas

Especially in winter.

I don’t know what side of the world you are on but I am currently in Sydney and the temperature is dropping! For me winter means short days, long movies, plenty of cups of tea and comfy clothes! One of my biggest excitements this season has been getting some nice new pyjamas!

It hit me the other night how much I disliked going to bed with no proper pyjamas and having to resort to thick socks and oversized t-shirts. The worst part was waking up in the morning and having to make the quick dash to the bathroom to get changed into some proper clothing.

I feel like nice winter pyjamas are such a treat. They are so simple yet can make such a difference! Here are my five reasons for why everyone needs nice pyjamas:

1) You can wear them all night! As opposed to quickly putting on some loose clothes right before you hop into bed, nice pyjamas mean you can throw them on as early as 6pm, whilst you’re catching up on the news, movies, or even for dinner! (Trust me – much less embarrassing then socks and a t-shirt)

2) Mornings automatically become so much better. Instead of waking up feeling exhausted and looking grubby, having nice PJ’s help give you that fresh morning feel.

3) Sleep better. There’s nothing like silky smooth pyjamas on your body. Curling up in your bed in them just makes sleeping that much better!

4) It’s a reflection of your personality. I think a lot of people think about what they wear on a daily basis, especially with all the great fashion in right now. But why don’t people care when it gets to the end of the day? I personally felt like I was cheating my wardrobe without a nice set of PJ’s – Look good in the day, look good in the night.

5) Something to look forward to in the cold months. I’m a summer girl and I get sad when it’s super super cold. Except when I get to spend time indoors with loved ones, cuddling up to the heater! (haha we don’t have fireplaces in Australia…) Summer PJ’s are alright but I think the nicest ones are the winter ones!

Love x

I’ll soon be sharing some of the new PJ’s I got from Gingerlilly sleepwear. I had no idea PJ’s could be so cute!





5Get it here


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