Realise How Perfect Today Is

Just stop for a second. Are you like me and constantly dreaming about the future? Constantly wanting to be at the next best thing? Constantly dreaming for bigger and better? Feeling irritated?

Then you might be a victim of unknowingly reducing your happiness.

But why? Isn’t dreaming meant to make you excited for future things and a better life? Yes – but all things in moderation.

Today I realised why I have been feeling down lately. I haven’t been appreciating the perfection of today! The perfection of everyday!

Have you ever thought that right now, how you feel, where you are, what you have achieved is EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. Why do we struggle so much to find happiness in the everyday things and just be CONTENT with life and ourselves?

Content not comfortable. Big difference.

I think life is a fine balance between dreaming BIG and pushing yourself but also taking time to be in the present and appreciate the beauty of today.

Look to the past with a smile and not to the future with a frown.

Love xx

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