What Is In A Wedding

With less than 5 months to go my excitement for the big day keeps growing – as can my stress. I have found planning a wedding to be a very interesting journey. I never thought I could learn so much about myself, my friends, my family and my fiancé in such a small amount of time!

Emotions on high, life on full speed and plans coming together, every day sheds something new on this wild, chaotic, crazily in love journey.

There are so many weddings happening this year and I am just as excited for all my wonderful friends! I’m going to a wedding next week then to a wedding in Byron Bay, NSW in June. One of the main lessons I have learnt throughout the wedding process is that there is no right or wrong, better or worse. Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life for you and your partner – and that’s what really matters.

Everyone can get so caught up in all the little details and trying to make sure their wedding is better than their friends or that couple last month – but that’s really not what it’s about!

I was recently inspired whilst looking on www.polkadotbride.com at all the different styles of weddings. And when I looked at the couples you could see it was just a reflection of them! And that’s what true happiness and love is.

Please share what your experiences were or are of planning a wedding!



Some wedding inspiration..


Wild flowers and dreams


It’s all about love


The details


Fruits, white and cake


Sharing the moment with the best of friends


Classy bride


All class, all white

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