7 Different (and fun!) Date Ideas

I’ve been with my partner for almost 2 years now and one of the biggest promises we have kept even though we are engaged (and even when we are married) is to always keep dating! It can be hard to find interesting and different date ideas when you just become so comfortable with each other and nothing sounds better then snuggling on the couch and watching TV.

Here are 7 unusual yet fun date ideas for you to try!

1) Volunteer together. There is something really sweet and powerful when you two can come together as a couple and help the community. Why not try helping out at your local meals on wheels one week night? Or how about down at the local pound and shelter? Seeing your man being selfless is sure to reignite the l-o-v-e.

2) Enjoy the morning and an extravagant brunch: Wake up at 4am for the sunrise and enjoy the moment of just being with each other and appreciating nature unfold. Follow with a proper fancy breakfast at a nice hotel or breakfast joint – I’m talking green juices, bacon and eggs, the pancake deluxe package please!

3) Book a flight anywhere: What is more romantic than a spontaneous adventure away with your loved way? This one is sure to get the adrenaline rushing. Book the cheapest available flight to a city you have never visited. And if you’re on a tight budget – make it a day trip! Talk about unforgettable experience.

4) Sick day: This one is a little cheeky but hey the world is your oyster! Wander around your local town, take the long way home, speak to locals, order an extra large coffee with cream on top, go for a swim or just lie in bed all day. Often the best things in life come from the little things!

5) Take a class together: This one will really stretch your comfort zone. Look up in your local newspaper or gym website for a class you can take together. Partner karate? Boxing? Yoga? Salsa? You are guaranteed to have a laugh!

6) Board games: Ahh the memories of family nights and long wintery days. Why not grab your favourite drink and have a laugh with some classic old school board games. Super cheap and you’ll never know how fun it actually is until you try! *Guaranteed to bring back the flirting days

7) Dinner date with a twist: This one is a favourite that I just recently did with my partner. Go on a dinner date but talk about your first dates. Compare your experiences of what was going through your mind and how the dates played out on the first, second and third date. Trust me – absolutely hilarious to compare his and her perspectives and experiences! Brought back some butterflies too.

Remember to look at your partner as a friend, not just your boyfriend.







Love xx

Inspiration from: She Said.

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