Wedding Update

These past three months have been non-stop! I’m due to finish university exams in eight days, be in Byron Bay in eight days, see my friends get married in ten days and myself, get married in 3 months 23 days. We have had a lot of progress with wedding plans in the past two weeks. Our reception venue and church are now finalised. My dress is in the process of being made, with my dress fitting in August. We’ve discussed wedding invitations, guest lists, cars, the honeymoon, wedding decorations, hens and bridal shower…. the list goes on.


Most importantly… we’ve figured out our theme!! Seems silly doesn’t it, but I think 6/10 months of planning the wedding have been figuring out what exactly we want, what theme and what style we are after. Once you have that down pat, the rest comes naturally. We are also due to start our pre-marriage course in July. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s not because we have problems as a couple – it’s that we want to prevent problems once we are married!

In the engagement phase I have learnt a lot about my partner. I think once you’re in this stage, you are more vocal about what you do and don’t like because you have that sense of security that you will always be with them. Our pre-marriage course is going to go through all sorts of life topics such as where do you see your career in five years, how many kids do you want one day, how were you brought up, when your argue do you confront or go quiet. All those things that make up the everyday. And as you get married and two lives become one, it is so important to consider all these things so that you can be the best wife to them, and they the best husband to you. So you can live in peace together.

So what’s left on the wedding planning list? I need to buy my shoes, accessories, book a videographer and florist, book the honeymoon, get our invites out, choose our wedding cake, bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen suits, get our rings, book my hair and make up people…. Almost there. But what am exciting journey! Planning your future with someone.

What did you discover in the wedding planning process?




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