5 Lovely Winter Weekend Activities

Right now in Sydney it’s winter and oh how lucky we have been! I can’t remember the last time it rained consecutively for a couple of days. The sun has been out, the air has been fresh and everyone has been enjoying having some time outdoors to take it easy and rest. I am definitely a summer girl, but there is something about winter that I also love. So… here are some of my favourite activities for winter and those shorter, colder days of the year:

1. Long candle-lit dinner dates. Cozy, comfy and cuddly.

2. Bike riding in hoodies. The cool wind on your face is sometimes just what you need to feel refreshed. And I love appreciating winter trees and plants.

3. Early coffee dates. It doesn’t get better than a warm coffee, catching up on your favourite magazines and books.

4. Visiting the beach. The serenity of a quiet, deserted beach in the winter time.

5. Photography. Everyone seems to struggle to find creative things to do in winter. Why not head out and try take some different creative photographs? Early morning fog, rainy reflections, frost covered cars.

Here are some snaps from my weekend! Love all the colour!

Love xx

photoMy favourite place, Palm Beach Boathouse

photo 2-3The best steaks from Wild Water Grill at Dee Why, Sydney

photo 1-2Colour

photo 2-2

photo 1-3Palm Beach Boathouse, Sydney

photo 2Mint Slice Cocktail mmm…

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