Celebrating love

My autumn engagement party in April this year was a combination of long overdue catch ups with friends and family, fun DIY with my bridal party and anticipation for the big day! I was lucky to have friends who helped me make the night what it was from recreating all my favourite Pinterest inspired decor to my dream naked sponge engagement party cake!

Here are some snaps from the set up we had at a cafe/bar style location.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”
Ecclesiastes 4:12

arden and adrianas engagment-9Pom poms and rustic wreaths

arden and adrianas engagment-12Our love story board

arden and adrianas engagment-3Floral frames

arden and adrianas engagment-11Photos and fun straws!

arden and adrianas engagment-10Words that mean something

arden and adrianas engagment-15The DIY Lollybar

arden and adrianas engagment-17Cupcake after cupcake

arden and adrianas engagment-32The great venue layout helped!

arden and adrianas engagment-102My dream cake!! Layers of sponge, berries and flowers on top!

arden and adrianas engagment-6Signage

arden and adrianas engagment-103My man

What’s your favourite engagement/wedding DIY decor?

Love xx

One thought on “Celebrating love

  1. wow I really like how you celebrated your engagement party, I mean partying with friends, all these beautiful DIY decor and most of all, the atomosphere of happiness and love surrounding everybody 🙂 I wish we had this tradition in Poland. Wish you Adriana a wedding just like in a fairytale :*
    Katie 🙂

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