What’s on my travel list for 2015?

I am very excited to announce my travel destination for October 2014! In two months I will be heading to a place I have always dreamed of visiting – I’m talking Pinterest boards based on this destination, photos of it plastered around my room… it is paradise! And I honestly cannot believe I will actually be going to this place. But you will have to wait a little until I share it with you 🙂

Jumping ahead – 2015! I’m already planning some trips to some unique and iconic places I have been wanting to visit for a while. Many of my favourite bloggers have hit up these destinations in the past couple of months. I have been so inspired that I have started to compile a plan for 2015!

Here we go…


There is one place that has been on my mind and heart for a while now. I have been dying to go back here after the incredible sights I saw in 2013. EUROPE.

But this time I want to see some more hidden destinations as well.

f0ede9a0517a9131574688b35c476666Lisbon and the north of Portugal

7106607244dd7734c236cb8f3bfb9dcdFrance – particularly the south

f1f0fc7fe5892f79c4e2f277a306840aMonaco – I visited here in 2009 and I must go back!

c16f30dd2e5dd52eb9456b9bece21498Switzerland – My partner is dying to visit. I visited in 1999 so this is a long overdue visit.

7de4686742df714ca96b41fd80f24495Vienna, Australia

3e23779242be6bed323afa7b5d1c0db6Pamukkale, Turkey

Then heading south to…


2101154bce74c0efeaa17e596f958228Cape Town

4fcd1f26b84c6ef989aed17a54d548f5Lion Park, Serengeti

And finally east to…

b6faf1e27c6df2a07057563cae36d37dNew York, New York

Mexico is also on my hit list, but maybe with our group of friends at the end of next year.

148f59c535e96114e12acbb23f7e6faePlaya Del Carmen, Mexico

Where would you like to travel to next?

Love xx

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