Wedding Zen

With just sixteen days left until the big day, I am finding it more important to focus on what has been done rather than what hasn’t. I find these little thoughts and to-do’s constantly creeping into my mind and I don’t want them to subtract from the excitement and thrill of the wedding fast approaching!


Being a marketing student, I’m all about strategy. My current strategy for the wedding is listing out everything that we have achieved and realising how little there is left to do. Our goal always has been to finish up planning at the two week mark, which only leaves us with three more days! Yikes!

In order to get my zen back (peaceful and pure state of mind), here are all the achievements I am proud of whilst planning a wedding:

  • Got the bridal party sorted and they are all going to look glam!
  • Our guest list is filled with the best people from all parts of our life & I really can’t wait to spend the day with them
  • My partner’s previous bible study leader will be marrying us
  • We officially completed our pre marriage course
  • I am obsessed with our church and reception venue – they are a dream come true!
  • We have an awesome honeymoon planned – bring on lagoons, snorkelling, lots of sleep and amazing food
  • Two words – Rolls Royce
  • We officially have the most amazing vendors – my favourite photographers, florist, cake maker, videographer…
  • My dress and accessories are all sorted and even though I can’t imagine what it will come together like, it feels like a fairytale come true
  • I got to buy all my favourite items off Etsy
  • Our set list and music is pumping
  • We found our dream apartment and are currently moving in
  • I’m so glad we did an engagement party and engagement shoot – love all the pics!
  • Our wedding bands are unique and I can’t wait to add to my ring
  • My girls have planned the funnest bridal shower and hens for this weekend
  • We have some really fun, stand out decorations for our venues
  • And a few extra sneaky surprises planned….
  • And I am obsessed with our favours – I feel like taking them all home!

I’ve come to realise that even if we stopped planning today and got married tomorrow I would still be the happiest girl in the world.

Stay tuned for the final countdown and then our two week escape to the Maldives! Can’t believe I will be going there yippee!

Love xx

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