Home Styling Inspiration

As I have previously mentioned my fiancé and I are in the process of moving into our new beachside apartment! I have only lived once out of home before, and that was in London, so I am loving the freedom and choice I have in decorating our place. It has a lot of natural light streaming through our windows and glass doors in the afternoon and we have a great natural canvas to work with – the walls and carpet are white and the bathroom and kitchen features all quite modern stainless steel and silver furnishings. We also have two balconies which is great because I love eating my breakfast or drinking my tea outside in the sea and fresh air.

Here is some of my current inspiration in decorating a house:

e951357968e81bf3129792d35128c514Black statement features on a white backdrop are my new obsession


Nudes, minimalist and simple earthy tones


Wood and greenery


Love the rug + natural light


A cement grey bed is my new obsession because we just purchased one!


Breathe… all that air

Love xx

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