Are You A Creative Type?

Everyday I love to learn something new about people and the world around me. I am currently in the process of finishing my degree and listened to an insightful lecture yesterday. As I work in and am passionate about the creative industries, this one hit home for me. It asked what makes a creative individual. From the points below I was surprised to learn that we all have the capacity to be creative and that creativity isn’t just something that some people are born with.

So did you know…

  • Creativity comes from several sources, not just the genius of one person
  • Creativity often comes from the environment around you, rather than people ‘thinking’ more creatively
  • Creativity isn’t just a light bulb revelation moment, but years of hard work

And I can see how relevant this is based on all the creative types I admire (like my favourite bloggers Tuula and Sincerely Jules)

So are you a creative person? Because we all have the capacity to be one. Creative types are:

  • A combination of smart and naive: bounce around with different ideas, even if they are off field
  • Playful and¬†disciplined
  • Introvert and extrovert: depending on the situation
  • Alternate between fantasy and reality
  • Passionate yet objective: you can stick to an idea but ditch it if it’s not working


Love xx

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