What are you thankful for today?


Over the past week I’ve really been hit by a wave of thankfulness. I have had some time to step back and appreciate my life and all the experiences that have brought me to where I am today. In today’s culture it is so easy to be consumed by always wanting more, always striving to be better and bigger and stronger. My perspective of what strength and happiness are have really changed.

I used to think the happiness was about having the most friends, the best clothes, the most amazing experiences and the best career that pays the most money. But it’s not.

Happiness is about the everyday. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be happy through the little mundane things of everyday life. Why can’t we be in love with our lives, just the way they are and enjoy every minute of it. So here is my list of ten little things that I am thankful for. I encourage you to do the same – whether you are happy right now or not. Because it is so easy to forget to really enjoy and appreciate your life and stop comparing it to others.

1. I can do my groceries just across the road

2. Every morning I can enjoy the fresh air by the beach and see a sleepy town slowly awake (sunrises and sunsets are God’s best gift to the world!)

3. My family, friends and myself are happy, healthy and surrounded by encouraging people

4. I am one day away from completing my university degree – the end of my education is officially here

5. I have friends who absolutely adore just having a coffee together, or exploring a new suburb

6. I live in Sydney – a city full of active, driven and creative people

7. The Opera House and Harbour Bridge are a fifteen journey from my home – so blessed!

8. My husband constantly makes me fall in love with him everyday

9. Christmas is around the corner and this will be our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs Jennings

10. Everyday I have the opportunity to make someone smile, love someone or just help someone feel a little more empowered

So are you ready to change your perspective of happiness?

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Love xx

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