Top Ten Summer List

Hello summer! 

Luftbild von Badegasten im Schwimmbecken des Freibades von Waldkraiburg.

Welcome to Sydney you hot, smoggy, crazy weather. It has been a long time coming and just three days in and Sydney is already turning it up! Just this morning I spent two hours lying around the rocky cliffs at Manly and swimming in the rock pools. The water is so lovely and it is just going to keep getting better.

In order to make the most of summer in Sydney, here is my suggestion of the top ten places and things to try in the hot season (sorry if you’re on the other side of the world enduring the colder months – you should come visit!)

1. Make the most of free exercise by swimming in beach rock pools – there are plenty around the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs

2. Bondi to Bronte coastline walk – I have been wanting to do this one for a while now, it’s spectacular and Sculptures by the Sea is currently on

3. Do a dance class at the Sydney Dance Company studios.

4. Explore the hidden bays down south and isolated beaches such as Garie Beach

5. Visit interesting cafes and bars such as those around Chippendale and the city e.g. Pailings Kitchen and Bar

6. Do the Manly to Spit Bridge scenic walk – and the beautiful Balmoral is nearby!

7. Barefoot yoga in Paddington – the first donation based yoga studio! Get your summer vibes right

8. Bondi Farmer’s Markets – enough said. Fresh produce and fresh air

9. Free summer movies in the Beresford hotel courtyard on Monday nights

10. Summer cocktails at Cockatoo Island Bar!

(Inspired by this list)

Love xx

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