Top 2015 Travel Destinations

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a well deserved break over the holidays and enjoyed time with loved ones. This Christmas was our first one as a married couple. It was wonderful being able to share it with my two families. Christmas in Sydney was beautiful. The weather was ideal and sunny and I think this has been one of the best summers yet! We spent the new year at Byron Bay and the Gold Coast. Every morning we got up early, went to a new cafe followed by 2-3 hours at the beach in the warm sea water. My ideal summer!

I’m so excited to be sharing this year with you! It is always so exciting to dream about the year ahead and get pumped about all the big things to come. Why not start planning some adventures for this year? Here is a list of my top 2015 travel destinations.

1. New York. Immerse yourself in the hustle, the vibe, the life and the buzz of New York City. Great restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, parks. Feel on top of the world.

2. Mexico. Mexico is a hidden gem with many beautiful hidden unpopulated beaches. This country is full of colour and culture and will definitely leave a mark on you that will make you want to visit again. Mexico is also great for adventure trips – you can go kayaking, zip-linning, white water rafting… the list goes on.

3. Hamilton Island. Australia is a diverse country with much to see. Why not try a different island escape and visit the beautiful white sandy tropical beaches just east of Queensland.

4. Croatia. There is nothing like the Mediterranean Sea. Experience Europe in a new way and embark on a Sail Crotia expedition! Spend a couple of nights with a great group of friends sailing the sea and discovering new cascading cliff faces and bright blue swimming spots.

5. Shipwreck Beach, Greece. The photos say it all. I have never seen such a beautiful combination of blues. You will feel miles away. Be mesmerised by the white cliff faces encompassing the turquoise beach.

Where are you planning to go this year?

Love xx

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