How To Stay Fit Without Really Trying

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It’s a new year and I’m sure a lot of people have “Get Fit” at the top of their 2015 New Years Resolution list. After moving to a coastal location I’ve realised that staying fit really isn’t that hard. And it’s not just the pretty sea views that get me motivated to get outside. Here are my recommendations on how to stay fit and have fun – without even realising you are working out! It’s all about incidental exercise.

1. Morning and afternoon walks. My new favourite thing is getting up early with my husband and walking down to the beach. There are so many nice walks to do and sometimes we end up walking for 40 or so minutes before getting our coffee. The same happens after work at sunset. Why not try it – you’ll build up an appetite for breakfast or dinner, feel refreshed and improve your health all at the same time.

2. Bike riding. Whether it’s to your friends house, to the grocery shop or to just get some fresh air, bike riding is a fun and great way to tone up your legs.

3. Swimming. I love swimming and everything to do with being in the water. I don’t have too much money right now to spend on gym fees so I’ve been exercising by doing 10-20 laps at my local beach rock pools. It is so easy to get pumped and is a great way to tone your whole body at once.

4. Taking up a new hobby sport like tennis. Who says exercising can’t be fun or done with a friend? My husband and I recently played a sunset session of tennis. It was great as a couple building activity and for spending some quality time together. And I’m not going to lie my arms and legs did feel it the next day!

5. Rollerblading, volleyball, frisbee at the beach. There are so many fun ways of staying fit and having fun with friends at the same time. It’s summer in Australia now and there isn’t a better time to get outside and use up the long summer nights. What new sport or activity are you going to take on?

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. – Jim Ryan

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2 thoughts on “How To Stay Fit Without Really Trying

  1. Thanks for the usefull advices ! I just have one little question, when you says “wake up early “, what does early means to you ? Like you go on a walk before going to work? Are you not sooo tired? Cause personnaly i sleep like 8 or 9 hours by night, and i cant manage waking up before… 8am… So ashamed haha. Voilà just wanted to know how so you manage this kind of things 🙂

    Marie from France

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