A Valentines To Remember

Valentines Day is coming up faster than I can say “What are some good V-day Ideas”. For me and my partner Valentines Day has never been that much of a big deal – we’ve never been into the big bears, underwear folded into roses and excessive present giving. We tend to opt for the more relaxed day often including a handwritten card, watching a movie together or just cooking a meal together and surprising each other with homemade desserts.

This week I will be focusing on some cute Valentines Day ideas including fun things to do with your loved one, pretty gift ideas and date ideas. Here are a few top things on my list:

1. Free gelato anyone?! My favourite gelato store Gelatissimo is giving away a free scoop of their new exclusive Peppermint Kiss flavour to lovers or friends who kiss in the store on Valentines Day! How good is that. Love & gelato – what a great date idea. Share your cute pics with #gelakissimo

2. Secret hotels. This is what we’re doing this Valentines Day. Why not live life on the edge and be surprised by booking a mystery hotel on sites such as lastminute.com.au You won’t know where you are staying until you complete the booking, but two things are for sure – they are amazing hotels at half the price!

3. Lace. The ultimate gift idea for Valentines Day. I say steer clear of tacky commercial Valentines gifts and surprise your loved ones with some pretty lace things they will enjoy all year. I’ve got my eye on these lace sets from Grace Loves Lace.

4. Trade IOU’s that expire 14 February 2016. You can make fun ones like a ten minute foot massage or a free pass from cooking dinner one night. Have a bit more fun by writing out 15 and only allowing your partner to choose 7.

5. Keep it simple. If all of this is too much (and even if you don’t have a partner) why not just take a friend, leave all technology distractions behind and go watch the sunrise or sunset together. Appreciate the moment and get your thoughts in the right place.

What are your plans for Valentines Day this year?

Love A x

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