Valentines Day Inspiration

Valentines Day is almost here! Are you still stuck for inspiration? Haven’t figured out what to do? Can’t think of a good date idea? Or gift idea? Don’t really have much money to spend?

I’ve put together this Valentines Day mood-board with some more ideas to get you excited about Love Day! If anything let it be an occasion to take some time out and appreciate all the amazing people in your world.

Here are 6 more Valentines Day Date Ideas that will make you feel all loved up:

1. Pack the boot of you car with blankets, a picnic basket, a sleeping bag, a polaroid and cushions. Drive around and find a new mountain view, rooftop, beach car park.. whatever sights you love to just sit back, relax and enjoy taking in with your loved one.

2. Reenact your first date. Nothing says romance about remembering those first sweet moments with your partner. The first place you shared a meal or dessert together, the first walk you did, the first movie cinema you went to. I’m sure you’ll have many moments to laugh about too!

3. Get physical. I’m talking try out a new sport or go for a hike! Why not play tennis or try surfing together? He’ll love it and he’ll love teaching you! Honestly you’ll have great quality time together.

4. Watch the stars at night. Honestly how often do you actually do it?! Some of the best conversations I’ve had with people have been when looking up into the magical night sky.

5. Splurge on dessert. Eat lunch and dinner at home and then go out to the best chocolate cafe in town and indulge in decadent chocolate brownies and cakes mmm. It will sure put a smile on both your faces.

6. Write some love notes. Hide cute love notes around the house for the other person to find throughout the day!

Psst… Don’t forget about popping into your local Gelatissimo store (in Australia) on Valentines Day for a free scoop of gelato! All you have to do is kiss your partner (or a friend on the cheek) and you get to try their exclusive new flavour for no cost! How good is that! #gelakissimo

Find your nearest store here


Love A x

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