Our First Home


Living out of home with my husband has been everything I could have wanted it to be and more. We have now been living in our beach side apartment in Sydney for four months and have been happily married for five months. Wow does time fly!

In the lead up to our wedding on the 11th October 2014, I was almost more excited about the idea of living with my best friend and soul mate then our wedding. Don’t get me wrong our wedding day was the best day of our life, but I was really looking forward to the calm and peace following the big day. Not having to plan something wedding related everyday, being able to see each other on a daily basis without having to try, getting to wake up and fall asleep together everyday, and just having our own space and setting up our first home together. I am 21 and my hubby is 25 and I love that this is just the start of our life journey.

(I did a post about starting a life together and the pros and cons of marriage which you can see here.)

I absolutely love decorating and taking care of our home. Especially in the last month before the wedding, my interest changed to pining home decor ideas on Pinterest as opposed to wedding hair, cake, flower and make up ideas. I spoke about it in previous posts but I decided the theme for our first home would be white, beige, rustic with greenery. Luckily my husband has given me free reign with setting up our place and decorating it however I like.

We are just starting out and even though our place might not be the most amazingly, stylish place, it is home and we love it. Not only do I love having our own space, I love how close we are to the beach and city, I love having friends over and entertaining and I love starting everyday with my best friend by the beach.

So what are my top three favourite things about our first home?

1. The mornings. Waking up early every morning, walking down to the beach to see the sun rising up above the oceans horizon followed by coffee from our local and breakfast at home. It doesn’t get better than that.

2. Sunset BBQ’s. After work at the end of a big day, we walk down to the beach for a swim (and to escape the hot sun as we face west!). We’ll then retreat home and have a bbq on our balcony while sipping cider and watching the sunset.

3. Snuggles. It never gets old. Whether it be before bed, while watching a TV series or reading together. Sometimes (most of the time) the best things in life are free!

Hope you enjoy these photos of some of my favourite bits and pieces from our first home.









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Love A x

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