Finding My Dream Wedding Dress


Choosing my dream wedding dress, THE dress, was hard. It actually may have been one of the most stressful parts of our wedding day. I knew exactly what I wanted but I could not find it anywhere. I looked at various stores all across Sydney including in the West, the city and the North Shore. I Googled more wedding dress shops in Sydney and Marry Me Bridal in Mosman popped up as an option. I am so glad I visited that store back in April 2014.

On their website I noticed some beautiful lace dresses that were very delicate and elegant. I always knew I wanted a fitted lace dress. I particularly fancied the dresses made by the designer Pronovias, a well known Spanish wedding dress designer, based in Barcelona. It was actually kind of funny because one of my favourite places I visited in Europe was Barcelona, Spain when I won a blogging contest with Mango Fashion and got to hang out with Sincerely Jules and Gary Pepper Girl there. 

When I visited the Dymmocks Building in Sydney’s CBD, which is well known for its beautiful wedding dresses, I did find one dress. But something wasn’t right about it. Call me whatever you want but when I stepped out from the change room in this dress the whole store kind of stopped and looked at me. For the first time my Maid of Honour Beka started tearing up and I knew I was so close to finding THE dress! I loved the mermaid figure of the dress, the delicate lace pattern and above all the beautiful detail on my décolletage (kind of like a capped sleeve dress).

I stood by the big mirrors in the store and really did not want to get out of the dress. It was the first dress that had that effect on me. All the other wedding dresses I had tried were either too big, or puffy and uncomfortable. I literally wanted to take them off straight away. This one fit my body and was quite comfortable. I took some photos and then left the store wondering if I had made the right decision to not buy it.

A week before I visited this store in the Dymmocks building I had made an appointment for Marry Me Bridal Mosman. They had a waiting list of two weeks, and I almost said okay don’t worry about it – luckily I went because I found my dress there!

A week after trying on the dress in the Dymmocks building I visited Marry Me Bridal in Mosman. I had heard a lot about this store through other bride-to-be’s. They all said it was amazing. You truly felt so special when you walked in. Everything was white and pearly and sparkling. Your bridal party and mum are offered macaroons, cupcakes and pink champagne upon arrival and are given a beautiful couch to wait on. The ladies there go above and beyond to make you feel like the beautiful bride you are.

I started looking through the all the dreamy dresses. There actually were only three racks in this store of selected dresses but all of them were drool worthy! One particular dress caught my eye. The lace detail on it was to die for! It was so simple, quite floral, not too much. I picked up a few other dresses and headed for the change rooms.

Mum and the bridesmaids at this point were quite giddy from all the pink champagne so every dress I walked out in they seemed to say was perfect. It was actually quite funny – I jokingly asked are you drunk or does it actually look nice?! I kept putting on one particular dress. It was the first one I tried on, then put on a different one, then back to the first one and vice versa. I think everyone knew I had found THE dress, they were just waiting for me to realise it. Luckily for me that designer happened to have a special price on for that day so I was shocked when I found out how good the price was! (Hint: definitely less than $4000) (Ps: Price really doesn’t mean anything. I heard of brides buying $10,000 dresses then swapping to a $1000 dress a week before the wedding because they felt it was more them!)

It was everything I had been looking for and more. It had the lace I wanted, the right colour (off white) and the mermaid fishtail shape. It was just missing a couple of things. The girls in the store helped me alter it exactly the way I wanted and thus came my dream dress – low back, lace detailing on shoulder and chest, sweetheart sillouhette & medium trial. I chose and paid for the dress almost five months before the wedding but I didn’t have my fittings until about six weeks before the wedding.

Trying my dress on for the first time at my fitting was nerve racking. What if I didn’t like it anymore? What if it didn’t fit? Throughout the next couple of weeks I visited the store a couple of times for alterations. A week before the wedding and it was my last fitting where hopefully I would be taking the dress home. Because I had made so many changes to the dress, especially the top detailing of it from strapless to a capped sleeved style (the dress originally came with a jacket which I canned and used the lace to create the top effect), it took a while to get it right. I also constantly asked for the dress to be made tighter – so tight it was a bit tricky to sit in it! Luckily our reception wasn’t organised seating.

I remember finally stepping into my dress on my last fitting and for the first time seeing my dream dress in its entirety – all changes made and no pins or fabric sticking out of it. It was just my mum and I in the store. It was a moment I won’t forget. A moment where I realised I was getting married in a week, I had my dream dress, I was here with my mum and I loved my fiancé more then I could ever say. The butterflies sure hit.

SO… here is my dream wedding dress! I hope this story shares just how special this dress is to me. I truly loved making it one of a kind… making it my dream wedding dress.


This style of lace is known as Guipure Lace.


Stepping out in my dress for the first time.


The girls helping me do all the back buttons up (there were so many!)


A spritz of Chloe should do the trick!





My dad putting on the final missing piece – the veil.



Time to get married! Not sure how I was this calm just moments before walking down the aisle to 150 people.





Mr + Mrs Jennings.

Photography by Chris Prestidge from At Dusk

Love A x

Ps. What my dress looked like when I first bought it / before my alterations!


Pronovias Lanete Off-White Strapless Gown with Jacket.

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