The Best Things About Getting Married Young


I have had a lot of people ask me why I married so young. In fact a lot of questions about our wedding day, honeymoon, living out of home, blogging, traveling and careers. So I’m going to take advantage of it and write more on these topics. Writing honestly, simply and just being real. Real about why marriage can be hard, why moving out of home is tricky, the reality of friendship circles changing, careers and money and trying to travel when you don’t have much time or money. As I’m 21 I’m still learning so please be gentle..

But first things first and that’s why I think marriage, better yet being married young is the best thing ever!

The twenty-one year old wife

1. Growing old together. I like to think of marriage as doing life with your best friend. At the end of my life I want to be able to look back on it with my best friend and be able to laugh and smile at the adventure we shared.

2. Knowing each other at your prime. This one sounds funny but I mean prime as in youth and energy! It would have been so sad to miss out on my husband’s 20’s and all the silliness and fun that comes with being young. I like that we have known each other from a young age and we will know each other at an older age too!

3. Time. For some reason when you are younger you have more time. And I love having more free time with my husband! I know that when kids and school and mortgages come into the equation our time will be more scarce. But for now I love taking time slowly with my hubby whether it be walking by the beach in the morning or watching TV series all night long.

4. Friends. Friendship circles are constantly changing and will continue to change when you get married. Once everyone knows you as Mr and Mrs, its really amazing all the new people you meet from your other halves life. And people definitely treat you differently as a couple once you are married.

5. Homes. This one is a favourite. I love starting off in a silly apartment with an old couch, hand me down mattress and a dining table from the side of the road. I love that this is the first of many homes which we make ours.

6. Mistakes. You can only get better. And practice makes perfect. It’s nice knowing we don’t have to be too harsh on ourselves and the roles we are playing as husband and wife. We’ve got our whole life to perfect it. Even if we never perfect it (which we won’t) its about the journey not the destination!

Now I totally don’t mean this as a post to say sucked in if you aren’t married. Some of us just haven’t found the right person yet and that is totally ok! This is more about changing and challenging society’s mindset about marriage being the worst thing that ruins relationships and should be left until you are like thirty or fourty. Because that is totally wrong! Marriage is about commitment and if you have met the right person, the one, then why not! What’s stopping you? It honestly is the best journey to be on – doing life with your other half, your soul mate.


I hope to both inspire and encourage you on whatever journey you are on. Do all things with great love.

Love A x

7 thoughts on “The Best Things About Getting Married Young

  1. Beautiful post Adrianna. What beautiful insights you have on marriage and what is right for you…and no one else can tell you what’s right for you, but you. Here’s to growing old with the ones we love. 🙂

  2. I got married young at age 19, to my high school sweetheart. We are going on almost 20 years of married life and although we have had some rocky patches, we are still very happy together. Now that I have a 18 year old, I can see why family and friends had some concerns with us tying the knot. But we were made for each other and since we knew we’d always be together we didn’t see the point in waiting!

    1. That’s right! One you know you know. It definitely can be scary for parents when your child is getting married at a young age but I think in the end they are just happy for you 🙂 And because you had your kids young you can now go off with your husband again and travel and do all the things you love! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Reading really shifted my perspective of it. I’m only 18 and though nowhere near the idea of marriage anytime soon, that was so sweet to read. Good luck to you and your husband. (:

  4. You are an inspiration Adriana! Honestly, i adore this blog & your instagram so much. I am 19 and have been with my boyfriend for a year, and we have talked about getting married young because we have already started travelling together and we were bestfriends for years – but everyone flips out if we so much as mention it. This gives me hope! 🙂

  5. I totally agree! I got married in May at 23, my husband is 22. Most of my friends have told me they won’t be ready to settle down for another 10 years, and just couldn’t understand why we wanted to so young. There are tons of advantages of getting married young! I don’t need to ‘play the field’ when I’ve already found the person I want to go through life with. Neither of us feel like we’re missing out on anything, we just feel like we’re growing up together 🙂

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