Why The Ocean Is Good For You


I feel so lucky to live in Australia. I have been to my fair share of oceanside hot spots around the world and I always come back home feeling so appreciative of the natural beauty of Australia. We have countless beaches with the softest sand, widest array of sea creatures and beautiful clear waters. It really is a spectacle.

Today I was reminded of why I have chosen to live by the ocean. And why I love everything about it. It all started because I had a 5am wake up call in the dark for work. By midday the work was finished and I was tired. I came home and fell into bed feeling rather weak. After I snoozed for a bit I felt lethargic and lazy. My motivation decreased the more I started to think about all the things I had to do. My energy levels were low and I found myself become more and more less enthused.

I decided the best way to get my energy and motivation back up and to clear my head space was to walk down the end of my street and go for a swim in the ocean. For me swimming in the ocean is a cleanse. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Immediately as I approach the beach my mind starts switching off as my eyes focus on the hues of blue stacked up below the horizon. As my bare feet step onto the sand, I feel a weightlessness as my body caves into the earth below me. The sand slipping in between my toes massages my feet. I drop my towel and book and walk towards the water. The crackling of the ocean brings goosebumps to my warm skin.

I pass the dips and sandbars until I am out far enough. The clear water overlaps water below it which creeps its way up my costume. I wait for the right wave to become completely submerged. Those first few moments are high until I’m under. All of a sudden all movement, all noise and all feeling is gone. It’s finally quiet.


As I come up I’m reminded of the world around me. Two minutes in the water feels like ten. My senses are finally awake. I spot fish darting beneath me closer to the ocean floor. I try understand the rhythm but the only rhythm I see is that of the swimmers darting under the waves. The salt has washed my face clean and water drizzles down my back from my hair.

I float in the water and am reminded of the warmth of the sun on my face. The earth carries me in whatever direction it pleases and for once I don’t mind. As I exit the water I realise my body no longer feels cold. My head is clear and everything I was thinking about is suddenly gone.


So this is why I believe the ocean is good for you. In my own experience I have found the ocean to be a place of complete serenity. It’s a place where you can escape the world and anything bothering you and just be one with the earth. Completely immersed and completely out of control. It’s an amazing feeling.

Another great way to boost and refresh your body and energy levels is through fruit. I always feel much better and hydrated after a couple of juicy oranges, passionfruit and watermelons. El natural is the best way!

How do you keep your body motivated and refreshed?

Love A x

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