Traveling Abroad At A Young Age


One of the greatest things I have done in my life to date was packing my bags and leaving for Europe (from Australia) when I was 19. I lived and was based in London for six months while traveling all around Europe (you can read more about it here and here). It was magical and the places I saw have left a mark on my heart. Those trips are the reason I blog, love photography and have a serious case of the travel bug.

Traveling abroad at a young age is such a worthwhile thing to do. Here are my top reasons why and how everyone should venture out and see the world while they’re young..

The best things about it:

1. Independence. Whether you go solo or with a friend you are bound to become the most independent version of yourself. And don’t be scared that you will get lost or you won’t meet people or have fun. You will quickly learn what independence is and love every minute of it!

2. Discovering yourself. Traveling abroad when young is the best thing for discovering who you are and what you are truly passionate about. You will see your true colours come out when your miles away from the comforts of home and familiar friendship circles.

3. Meeting new people. I guarantee you that you will meet some of the most amazing people with similar values, ideas and personalities. It’s so easy to get along with other travellers when you’re all in the same boat and away from home.

4. Eyes become open to the world. You will gain a new perspective on the world and your life. When you are put in a new context your senses are really awake to the world around you and you will realise a lot of things you didn’t before / took for granted.

5. Best time of your life. Overall it WILL be the best time of your life. Traveling abroad means freedom, fun, adventure, stunning locations, culture, people… you really can’t go wrong!


Top tips FOR DOING IT:

1. You can save. The money you spend at home probably equals what you would be spending in Europe. Even if it’s not Europe, countries and travel destinations in Asia and South America tend to cost a lot less then for example if you’re living in Sydney or New York and paying for rent, food, alcohol, events, cars, bills etc.

2. Travel slow. Don’t feel like you need to visit every single country. Remember less is more. That way you’ll be able to save money on trains and planes and really get to know the country, culture and people.

3. Map out what is most important to you. You might only get to do this once so make sure you know where you really want to visit (e.g. I really want to go to Positano so I can sacrifice Rome). But also keep an open mind for travel destination suggestions from other travellers.

4. Plan, plan and plan. It does take a lot of planning regarding visas, finances and travel routes and hotels. Put the effort in to plan your trip effectively and that way you can save money and use your time in the best way!


Where would you travel?

Love A x

16 thoughts on “Traveling Abroad At A Young Age

      1. Oh there are so many places…. I want to make it everywhere. 😊 Machu Picchu is pretty high in the list!

  1. Good advices ! I’m 22 and I live in France, and all my friends are in Australia, Thaïland, USA, Africa… everyone is moving and it’s making me feel a bit jealous haha. I moved from my parents home to live in a little french island two years ago, where I went to study, and I met my boyfriend here, so we try to plan a lot of travel but we find it SO hard to save money cause we don’t work at all… Plus, it’s hard to plan for two, as our activities are differents and so are our working plans !

    Well I hope you’ll get the chance to travel a lot again!! Your blog is a dream !



    1. Thank you so much Marie! Such nice words from you. It’s great having friends all over the world. There are so many beautiful places to travel too. I hope you two can travel too! Love from Australia xx

  2. Love your blog Adriana, my friend Shalini linked me to you. This is reassuring to read! I am about to embark on 6 months of solo travel and so great to see the number of positive solo female travel stories out there. I was/am a bit anxious about going alone. Was there anything in particular you did in order to meet people or did it all just happen very organically? Prasanthi X

    1. Thanks so much Prasanthi! That’s great that Shalini told you about it. How exciting – you will have a great time! I guarantee you will naturally meet many people. I was lucky in that I studied overseas so I met a lot of friends through uni but you just meet people through other people and so on. X

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