Early Morning NYC

I am still blown away by New York. I really did not think we would like it as much as we did. For those that are new to my blog – hello and welcome! To give you some context, Arden and I recently visited New York for the first time, celebrating our one year anniversary which is officially on the 11th October. What a year it has been!

New York is a diamond in the rough. It is a place where everyone walks around with a sparkle in their eyes. On every street corner you will find something or someone new. Models, actors, tennis stars, movies being filmed, famous photographers, politicians and famous movie/tv show locations. It is the place where you go to become and be known.

Throughout our two week stay in NYC, I learnt a lot (which is my favourite thing about traveling). Such as when you stop worrying about what others are doing and just persist and focus on what you are doing, you will be much better off. No one can motivate you enough to be your best. The motivation comes from within and it’s only something that you yourself can judge.

We did this shoot on one of our last mornings in New York, whilst staying downtown at the gorgeous hotel The Evelyn. Even though we were slightly further away from Times Square, New York streets are always busy. We made sure we were up just as the sun had risen to try and get some cleaner shots. It was pretty hilarious timing these photos (you’re only seeing about 15/400 of them!). The combination of taxis, buses, New Yorkers crossing the streets hastily to get to work and a few random people just watching us and laughing made this shoot a circus!

Hope you enjoy these photos. This shoot is up there in my favourite shoots of all time.
















Button up shirt by Abercrombie and Fitch

Washed denim jeans by Abercrombie and Fitch

Satchel from a vintage store

Heels by The Iconic

Rings by Pandora and Witchery

Pendant by Tiffany & Co.

What dream are you chasing at the moment?

Love A x

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