From Sydney to Singapore

It’s already been one month since I left Sydney to live in Singapore. I’ll be here for a total of two months working at our partner company in the telecommunications industry. It’s been an incredible opportunity being an expat and living + working abroad, and I see it as the next chapter following my six month stint in London.

Singapore is a beautiful and clean country often described as a city in a garden. It was originally coined as a garden in a city but the island has taken control and you can’t help but notice all the lush greenery surrounding you on all sides of this small yet captivating country.

It baffles me just how different Singapore is to the rest of Asia. I’ve nicknamed it the New York of Asia, which can be easily attributed to main midtown and downtown areas, consumerism, tall skyscrapers, yellow cabs, city slickers and all week buzz.

There are definitely moments, just like in NYC, when you need to escape the city heat and crowds and take some time out to reenergise. Luckily Singapore has a plethora of ways to do this, retreats including one of the several botanic gardens, Sentosa island or a short plane trip away to total tropical paradise in the likes of Thailand, Philipines or even the Maldives.

I sometimes pinch myself and try wrap my head around these kind of blessings. Being 22 years old and having a passion for travel and photography, whilst having a job that allows me to work abroad is really a God dream.

Hope you enjoy these photos I have taken from around Singapore. More to come soon and I can’t wait to update you guys on my recent trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia!

Have you ever vsisited or lived in Singapore?

Love A x

The view from our apartment, overlooking the Grand Hyatt hotel

So much lush greenery! This is close to where I am working

The sun and clouds here are something different

Sentosa Island is great for a Saturday

Tree top walk in Singapore

The Macritchie Tree Top Walk

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